The Year Of The Rabbit

I was born in The Year Of The Rabbit. I quite like this fact, it suits me. I was also, however, born in the month of the Flower ruled over by Old Coyote the Trickster who treats nothing as sacred, thus pointing out the sacredness of everythings and the day on which I was born is Death’s Day ruled over by the unknown Moon God of the conch.

Well it sounds pretty good to me. But then the way I’m feeling at the moment is that if Mr. Blair told us to expect ‘Peace in our times‘ I’d not be surprised. I’m beginning to feel like we, us human beings all over the world, make things happen. We go around in cycles because we don’t pay enough attention to our own history or when we do it’s to say ‘look how dumb we were in ages past, we’re so smart now’. Our brains haven’t grown any, and I begin to suspect that nor has our use of them changed.

‘We’ve all read Orwell’ would be a statement that was cried down by my various readers, those who haven’t the time for books or who find it an elitist statement, seeing it as me assuming a ‘canon’ etc. However, we are all aware of Orwell through books or films or the television, he’s even crept into popular culture for heavens sake.

And yet in this western democracy that views Orwell as an important writer, even political thinker we ignore him. We ignore all the writers who predict and then we stand back amazed when they’re right. Wow Arthur C Clarke accurately predicted some scientific advancement…but what about society, what about the writers who are talking about the type of society we will all live in. Orwell warns us of an absolute political state who controls even the way we speak…political correctness anyone? And so many writers (Philip K. Dick,Robert Heinlein,Kay Dick etc.) ‘see’ planet-wide governments, controlling the every move of citizens and we move step by step, inch by inch, electing the right politicians for the job (who me mentioning Blunkett? nah!) ID cards, electronic chips, payment by fingerprints – currently being trialed by the Co-op– towards the future we ourselves agree is horrible. Do we agree? I don’t know, perhaps there is something embedded deep within the human pschye that likes, not only order but absolute control. Not being in absolute control or being absolutely controlled but just liking the idea of there being an absolute control.

The future is coming, and we made it happen just like the German’s voting in the Nazi party in 1933, human beings can make evil sound so promising, so well intentioned, so good.

I wonder if that’s how they knew, the ancient people who are rumoured and legended into being so wise and all knowing and all the rest of it. Did they know about human nature, did they study it and know that we force things into happening, we are ourselves to such and extent at periods in time that we force an apocalypse of our own way of life.

I began this entry with the Aztec Calendar, those synchronists amongst you will be happy to note that I know about 20, 13 and 27, and think that Fibbonachi has gone to our heads and mostly when it comes to numbers we’re forcing things somewhat. In 2012, according to the Aztec calendar with it’s happy way of suggesting we should feed every spirit in the universe blood (ok I exagerate somewhat) and according to the Mayan calendar from which the Aztecs are based, the solstice sun will cross the sacred tree (to those of us who aren’t Mayan: at 11am the path of the sun will go over the Milky Way’s ‘equator’ line). Well thats nice isn’t it, and does it mean anything? Well according to Vedic calendars the Winter Solstice in 2012 is the end of Kali Yuga, the Iron Age in which we are now according to hindu scripture, so that means that Kali will appear from the gateway in the heavens…galactic centre anybody?

So we’re counting down, we’ve not got long now and it’s all our fault. My personal opinion, I doubt the Gods will appear to wreak havoc on our universe, I doubt they’ll need to, when whichever Bush is in the White House presses that red button maybe we’ll find out it wasn’t just a nuke…I don’t think the Mayans, the Aztecs, Ancient Hindu’s, Egyptians and whichever other mathematics obsesssed society predicted the end in 2012, were telling us that some supernatural force would rip our existence apart. I think they were calculating the maths on human nature, ever so often we peak in our arrogance, every so often we forget to be nice to each other and it’s then that all hell breaks loose.

‘The world won’t end in darkness, it’ll end in family fun’ so never mind Kali, better luck next time. *Salutes invisible law enforcement officer*
‘Why hello ma’am, Aren’t you having a wonderful day?’
‘I was just about to get my regulation BigMac and my regulation drink Praise Coca-Cola’
‘Praise Coca-Cola indeed. I’ll just take your fingerprint to check if you’re entitled to fries with that’
‘…don’ like fries…’
‘I’ll just take your fingerprint to check if you’re entitled to fries with that’

Not one of you will think of me when I am gone,
Not a one.
But who, will think of you too?
There is nothing human beings
cannot make into memoriam,
Holocaust, lesbian, pre-historic man/woman/man.

Preserving Gentileschi makes no difference,
Sappho too,
They have let you,
They, have let you,
They, who,

Take things, Destroy things, KILL ALL ART!

They who are not believed in,
Who take a pride in their invisibility…
Yes I mean you and me;

We are they,
We are They,

We are They,
who are spoken of in hushed tones,
Who took away the Golden Ages of Before,
The Wonder Years of: not now,
Who spoilt our own lives.
Took out our knives and carved up the world between us,
A mere bagatelle of Risk.

Not a one will remember us,
Nor what it was we did
As we ensnared our children with no responsibility,
They could be remembered, even less than we.

One box each,
ticked off,
time’s up.

One thought on “The Year Of The Rabbit

  1. I don’t havemuch to say really.
    I agree with you on everything you said.
    I was born around 6:20 apparently, according to my sister, so you’re an hour older than me.

    Here’s a song I wrote late last year.


    Power creates liberty,
    And justice, And security,
    Sixth has come and gone again,
    Leaving four to rule in red,
    Rituals of ignorance,
    Make for false philosophies,
    And blatant lies go unpunished,
    Whilst propaganda rules the day…

    What was once green returns to black,
    When the white inferno calls her name,
    Escape is certain but only for the few,
    Pax Americana carpe diem…

    She whispers to me and describes how everything could have been.
    All of this beauty lost through apathy and atrocity.

    You’ve seen this before.
    It’s happened before.

    Something will come and something will bring her vengeance,
    Something is come, something is come, bringing vengeance.
    Something is come and all the bells are ringing.

    All the bells are ringing,
    Heralding and waking,
    Dementia and chaos,
    And there’s nothing,
    Nothing in the power,
    Of false philosophies,
    And red’s propaganda,
    That can stop it now.
    You can’t stop it now.

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