TIme for catching up with lesson plans and this one I managed to see my housemates!!!!!Hurrah! They exist! I never seem to get time to talk to them, or anyone else for that matter. And when I do talk to people I moan or freak out.

What happened to happy-go-lucky Mish who took each kiss as it came instead of creating everything into this huge unwieldy stick with which to beat herself? I never see anyone enough, people seem to think I don’t want to spend time with them anymore when when it comes down to it I have no time to spend with people. I want a job where I can choose to spend social time with my friends I’m fed up of being stuck with the whole, um oh no not this weekend I have to write lesson plans.

The only person I seem to see regularly is the Jellicle, no problem with that he seems to be there everymorning I wake up (even when he has exams!) and whenever I go to sleep as well. It’s strange, kind of claustrophobic but I’m getting used to it. My rooms a tip again but it’s half term soon and I shall be throwing out clothing to charity shops and generally airing the sdust of this old place and getting ready to move to another goldfish bowl.

It’s hard to escape the stereotype of Mish, and when people have such enclosed expectations of you they read their own ideas of your motives into everything you do, everything you say. Nothing you ca be can be seen as being other to this preconceived idea of you. People who you thought totally got you, really understood where you were coming from seem to prefer to take the easy option and box you in. It’s always the same but different stereotypes, and soon I’ll change the goldfish bowl again.

One thought on “Weekends

  1. Well, I don’t have that many pre-concieved notions of you, just a few obvious ones. I would never dream of interpreting your ideas as anything other than what they are in the way they are presented.
    There’s very few people who I think I ‘know’, and I’m realising that I may know a lot about them, but they can still surprise me.
    But I know exactly what you mean, I’m supposed to be Crazy Goat (only using my real name 😀 ), nothing I do anymore will surprise anyone, unless maybe I became a really nasty person, which I don’t want to do.
    I like being thought of as dependable, but that seems to be all anyone ever actually thinks of me.
    Oh no wait, I’m also "MOSHAAAAAA!", but we don’t mention that.

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