Afternoon To Do Paperwork

(It should be explained that the NUT are the National Union of Teachers, NASUWT are the National Association of Schoolmasters and Unioin of Women Teachers, and NSEAD are the National Society for Education in Art and Design

Well the NUT are not enamouring themselves to me. At my first school placement the NUT kept saying ah we’ll get things to you, we will, we’ll get things to you whereas within the first hour of being here the NASUWT guy had given us all magazines, papers and told us that since we were NUS members the NASUWT would cover us for legal reequirements if necessary. The NUT still haven’t bothered to tell me anything about their union.

This morning the NUT were supposed to give all us newbie teachers a lecture about the responsibilities of being a teacher…sucks to that they couldn’t even bother to send someone to St. Martins. Oh well we had our afternoon lectures in the morning and gave us a whole lot of paperwork to do instead of being given silly lectures by Unions who obviously couldn’t care less about prospective members.

NSEAD, NASUWT….hmmm why do they all start with an N?

3 thoughts on “Afternoon To Do Paperwork

  1. Ok point. But why National right at the beginning, why not Union of National or something or other…

  2. At a guess, because most University acromyms start with a U, so it might be to prevent confusion…

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