A’ight Miss Liddle

Overslept today. The alarm got reset yesterday and I forgot about it so woke today, feeling very refreshed actually, about a quarter of an hour after I was supposed to be in school. So much for me being careful with money this month (I’m having to spend two months in Japan before I get my first paycheck) a taxi ride later and I’m in school with twenty minutes to prepare for my first lesson…and we got a room change…to a room where glue and paint cannot be used…so that was my lesson plan out of the window. It would have been ok if I’d had an hour to prepare, as I would have had I not overslept.

As it was though, year nine are curious creatures (my other year nine group proved this yesterday), the worksheets and other ‘argh I have no time let me just pull a lesson out of my arse’ resources went down very well. The ‘oh shit I’ve got fifteen minutes and they’ve finished all the work’ competition which only happened because I remembered I had a bar of chocolate in my handbag was cheered and my lower band year nine, who can usually hold up a ‘getting into teams’ situation for a good ten minutes went meekly and mildly as lambs into four teams and then proceeded to prove that they have learned all sorts of artistic things over the past term. They even tidied up the very slight mess in the French Room before they left. All in all a miraculous hour. And the best to come when the teacher observing me turned around and told me how great she thought my lesson was, could she have a copy of the quiz for one of her classes (um…well no I just made it up out of my head….became yes certainly and I’m typing it up now)

So oversleeping turned into a miracle but what really made me smile, and I think I really am very sad indeed for this, is every single year nine I’ve passed on the corridor today has turned and said ‘hello’, ‘hi Miss Liddle’, ‘Good Morning Miss Liddle’ even one of my naughtier ones said ‘A’ight Miss Liddle, my sister has shoes like that. Good aren’t they’

Maybe I should be more worried that a pupil I regularly have to tell to take his trousers our of his socks likes my shoes. And I’ve seen his sister by the school gate, she’s the one with all the gold jewellery, and the kappa jacket (actually I don’t think it’s kappa but it looks like kappa) whos still dyeing the front two pieces of her hair blonde…oh dear. Can anyone correct me but I didn’t think people were doing that anymore? They were when I (and presumably his sister) was at school but I didn’t think it was still fashionable?

Still I got an ‘A’ight Miss Liddle’…Hurray!

3 thoughts on “A’ight Miss Liddle

  1. Hahah that sounds great. it’s not fair though, teachers come in late and everything’s oky, kids come in late and they get punished.

    Heheh sorry, school days angst coming back to me.

  2. I wasn’t technically late, it was before nine o’clock…however I didn’t have time to prepare for the lesson.

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