Eighteen Days Left

And only fifteen days left in school; my Observation is in three days time, my paperwork isn’t quite in order and I’m hoping that I’m not staring into some dark abyss of yawing failure.
I can stick it out for fifteen more days. Errant Wanderer keeps coming back for my art lessons, I can be a good teacher, I’m just not that great with kids who aren’t interested in art…yes I’m aware it’s part of my job to get them interested I’m just not very good at that part.

Wonderwoman has just been telling me about how she double blesses her boats; she’s an avid canoeist and her and her husband give the canoe a pagan name and a Canadian Indian name, I assume by pagan name she meant European pagan name. I’m beginning to wonder about Wonderwoman (who takes great pride in leading the pupils in prayer) she was telling me about feeling all mother-goddessy when she’s in water. And it sounded as though she was describing a very ‘ritual’ naming ceremony. Are all Catholics so Pagan?

I wish my head would stop circling, it feels as though I’m about to take off sometimes. All these tiny thoughts and things that I’m not aware of that I do. It feels as though someone else is in possession of this body somedays and I am only renting.

One thought on “Eighteen Days Left

  1. Yo, Mish,

    Catholics are the only rational form of Xtians, because they realise that what is important is ritual not meaning!
    I know that sounds wierd, but in terms of personal effectiveness ritual works and intellectualisation doesn’t!
    Just my opinion (and a biased one at that)


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