Bye Bye

Anybody who hasn’t heard, I shall be bidding farewell at the old Weatherspoons at the top of town at 7:30pm tommorrow night.
Goodbye and fare thee well all!

I’m actually still going to be around until a week Saturday but I thought I’d do a big Goodbyesie thing.

And yes I won’t be stopping blogging in case you’re worried!

4 thoughts on “Bye Bye

  1. Eeep! don’t know if I’m coming up or not now, I’ve got a job interview tomorrow :S
    Not fair
    *throws strop*
    Wanna see Mish. Wanna see Craig. Wanna see Muppet.

  2. yes, but Mish, if she can’t make it this weekend, you’re leaving for Japan the following weekend and she won’t get to see you…

    *pats Sal on head* I understand hon… (although I note that I don’t feature on the list of people you want to see…)

  3. Safe journey, and enjoy every minute you’re in Japan!

    [Imperative form]Take care of yourself![/Imperative form]


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