Is an interesting browser and yes, is much nicer than IE…wanna go Japan wanna go Japan.

Am becoming steadily more paranoid about rent and expenses and generally existing in Japan. I am so petrified it’s going to become ridiculously expensive and I’m going to have no money, etc. etc. Anyway I need to get some sleep so that when Wrong Mike turns up at some ungodly hour to move in I can move out.

The Canterbury Tales which plyed at Williamson Park tonight was relaly really good. We tramped around the park as Chaucerian characters made ribald jokes (Miller’s Tale and Wife of Bath) and conned small children and petrified looking pubescent teenagers up onto the stages to be chickens, or prodders of drunks and whatever else they needed at the time. I had a brilliant evening and whe n I got back I discovered this huge card that Foxy Jonno, Wrong Mike, Princess Lex and even Steve wrote in! Yeah! People are going to misss meee!

🙂 I like that.

4 thoughts on “Firefox

  1. I’ll miss you, I just haven’t written in a card or anything.
    Wanted to come to your thing at Wetherspoons but I think it would’ve been a bit weird, not knowing you all that well and all.

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