Girl Guides

My final Guide meeting tonight. I got hugged by High-As-A-Kite which made me grin, and then I got hugged by Awkward Soul, which was a serious honour, so I grinned even more. And after they left I felt a bit tearful.
They gave me a mini-multi-tool which has a saw on it, several blades and a nail file as well as bottle opener, ruler and all the rest. Sooo fiinne. Lazy grammar and I apologise for it.

Keep having this nagging feeling that everything’s going to go wrong so I’m going to sleep now in the hopes that it pisses off.

One thought on “Girl Guides

  1. Good luck and best wishes hun, sorry I didn’t appear at the spoons. You know where all your friends are and how to contact us.

    *huge hugs*

    Miss you,


    P.S. everything will be fine 🙂

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