Heathrow Airport Internet Station

I’m hungry.

Today has been so strange. Today has been so unreal. I went onto campus this morning, I had to pick up a final prescription and I looked, and I looked and I thought I was seeing so many things. I saw so much, I saw across time and I saw myself arriving and leaving and doing so much. Sitting on the grass, having my toy alien in the back seat of the car, having Dad tell me he was rear gunner for us in the car.

I have had picnics and I have had so many good times on that campus and it was sunny today so I could look out of Alex Square and thinking it was really nice and pretty rather than it being ugly and rainy and just generally horrible. I loved Lancaster and everything felt like it was ending today. Just not being anymore, it was strange. The campus drive even seemed poignant, I mean come on? Nostalgia overload or something? I have memories of that bit of road coming up to the first roundabout on campus?

The Jellicle fed me really well earlier, however it is the first of my thirteen hour stint in Heathrow airport…fun I think not. I’m hungry and all the shops are shut, not that I have much money to buy stuff with if they were open! But come on! Not even a vending machine! You’d think that there’d be a vending machine.

People came to wave me off at the station, the Jellicle ran alongside the train, I love him so much. The Yellow Dart flew off to check out Narita airport for me, and informed me that it was satisfactory. And FoxyJonno kissed me which is always good šŸ˜‰

Thirteen hours huh? And I’m supposed to leave my books for the plane?

Train ride was ok apart from the delays and the screaming child having tantrums every few minutes. What do I do now? Where am I going? I’m not really thinking those things any more, I’m actually craving a ham sandwich, or the mashed potatoes that the Jellicle cooked me earlier.

Hurrah Canadians!

7 thoughts on “Heathrow Airport Internet Station

  1. Safe journey, Mish, and I hope that every moment is packed with new insights and experiences.

    Missing you.


  2. šŸ˜‰

    I had planned for something more lingering than the peck I had to make do with, but time did not allow it and the Jellicle had more right to that time anyway. So, slightly belated:
    _ _

    Hope you’re having fun.

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