It’s over

Done. Dusted. Finished with.

We got certificates with little red ribbons. I didn’t have to socialise with the people on my course and all was fine. I discovered that I’m not the only one to have gone mad during the course. I also re-discovered that it is not considered normal by the majority of society for people to need counselling, be on pills, etc. etc. I remember when I first discovered that this wasn’t ordinary life, I’d just come out of a very stress inducing sixthform where everybody was seeing someone, had been referred, was on some sort of pill and I’d come to university where everybody wasn’t.

I’ve just come off a stres inducing course and the Pretty Dancer told me he was seeing a counsellor and various….and I didn’t bat an eyelid. I’m back in that state of, yeah everybody is seeing somebody, everybody is taking something…slightly callous I guess and I feel guilty because he’s one of the few people on my course that I do like.

I just don’t like most of them, horible I guess but really…argh! They’re so….I don’t know….YERG! Ah well, I wore my miniskirt to the showing tonight and introduced people to my vagina and go that ‘pat pat’ reaction that they do so well. I don’t care to be honest it made me feel good.

And lots of people spoke to me from the schools I’d been to hich I wasn’t expecting…ahh well much fun was had by all….and I’m…done?

3 thoughts on “It’s over

  1. It’s funny how a lot of people go "I must do this because everyone else is doing it so there must be a reason for it, it’s the done thing", I’ve never done that myself. I’ve often been thought of as weird, I’m sure I still am to some people, only the other night I mentioned to a mate that I wanted some welding goggles, and a friend of mine who I’ve known for quite a while was whispering to her friend (someone whom I’ve also known for a while) and said "Dany want’s welding goggles?" in a "He’s mad" sort of way.
    I explained that what I wanted was some of these and not the big, bulky rectangular things.
    I want them because ‘I’ think they look cool, they still looked at me as if I was mad.
    I dunno, I gues there’s just a lot of people who have fixed ideas of what is ‘normal’ and what ‘isn’t’, what is ‘right’ and ‘wrong’, what is ‘moral’ and what is ‘immoral’,
    I feel very lonely sometimes, like I’m the only person who can accept different things having value, things that people usually think don’t.

    Whoa, I’m in a talkative mood tonight it seems, I’ll shut up now.

  2. Well, i certainly had fun last night, and I’m glad you seemed to enjoy it too!

    Congratulations *proffers microphone* it’s over, what are you going to do now?

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