Physical Beauty

I am an artist. I appreciate physical beauty, there is nothing inherantly wrong with that fact. But do I appreciate physical beauty at the expense of other sorts?

For a long time I would not admit I was an artist, I was ‘studying art’, I was ‘an art student’, I was anything except an artist. The term has connotations. It has meanings and levels of meaning. It implies that you’re good for one thing.
Am I good? Frankly I’m not that great, I’m ok though, I’ve sold items. I’ve sold sculptures and paintings. SO whilst I may not be top class artist material I am certainly no bad. I still find it hard to admit that I’m an artist, part of my head is screaming ‘I’m a writer not an artist. I’m a writer’ But I am an artist, ask anyone…anyone else that is…and really, a writer is an artist and I find that the art forms I practise inform each other…I am an artist.

I am an artist if I really persuade myself. I am also an artist if I let myself admit the fact, I appreciate what things are like in the physical plane, Iwrite about them, draw them, look at them and, just generally appreciate them. I always have. And I really do like the way things are in physical reality. I like beautiful things, I like the touches, tastes, smells and sounds of this world around us, I like my body and the bodies around me. Someone described their body to me once as a hollow shell, implying that it’s importance was little in comparison to the ghost/ spirit/ living crystal it carried inside. And yeah, I’ll go with that one, but I can’t give up this feeling, this love of everything physical. This belief that it’s all of equal importance, the appreciation for the naked beauty that was on my bed can be translated into a spiritual feeling, I know it can. It is at the very least equal to spiritual or intellectual feelings it’s not somehow lesser than them.

I had a very unusual going away gift today and it was the best idea anyone has had so far (second actually to Giggle’s shepherds pie but only because everything is second to that) It was something that made today highly enjoyable…along with being distracted with whipped cream by Princess Lex…mmmm…today has been a good day.

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  1. When are you going to be avaliable for us to give you our leaving present? Remember we will be away when you actually leave *sulks*…

    J and B

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