Take Control Of Your Life

No. I refuse. I’ll teeter, I’ll totter and I’ll be swept along by the wind. Watch me! Just Watch me fail spectacularly…but whatever I do…the wind keeps me up here, it’s the wind I’m telling you it’s the wind. Don’t look at me I don’t know how I’m still here. I shouldn’t be here. Soon the wind will bring me crashing down to earth and I’ll fall fall fall most spectacularly.

Watch me, watch me I’m on a downward spiral soon I’m going to crash, look at the broken body of a mangled Mish…soon soon I’m gonna fail, the jump will be too much and I’m going to come crashing down, just you wait and see. Told you I shouldn’t be up here, didn’t deserve to be up here. It’s my infernal luck, I told you, miss out a page and the luck jumps in, miss ut a question and the luck jumps in, take off a year and there’s my luck again.

Watch me push her, watch me, come on Green Eyed lady…you going to let me fail this time? Theres a cliff somewhere up ahead but some fool has me in a blindfold and I’m not sure where it’s going to come…oh yeah that fool would be me. COme on cliff she’ll push me over this time for sure. Green eyed lady? You going to make me trip over the cliff this time? Or do I have one more chance, just one more, just one more, one more chance?

The wind’s stopped and I can hear the waves crashing…one more step ought to do it

One thought on “Take Control Of Your Life

  1. One thing this week has taught me is control is an illusion. Knew it before. Know it in the bones now.

    Just don’t expect the luck to fix it all, eh?

    *hug* Ta for the comment btw.

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