Air Conditioning We LOVE YOU

I love air con…it is so hot here. I barely have any internet time, really need to get myself srted as far as internet is concerned (no money)

My apartment is fabulous, really really great. Its a little small but really thats fine by me. Have plants! Have a balconey, my schools are ok but nothin too different so far, am doing some individual tuition with some of the third graders who need extra englisgh, whicvh is really really good fun!

Looking forward to my first pay check (oh so much) Learning to read and write is quite good fun (people keep looking at me funny when I get kids books out of the library!)

Andyway, will update this properly when paydar nd thus the internet arrives in my flat (end of August) amd having a blast!

Raw Fish is great!

5 thoughts on “Air Conditioning We LOVE YOU

  1. Mmmm sashimi, well actually I personally prefer sushi – my raw fish definitely needs rice with it. Anyway I am wholeheartedly envious of you. All the best.

  2. I see you’ve not quite got the hang of Japanese keyboards yet…

    I know how you’re feeling about waiting for paycheques; my first one comes in from the Police Station on the 28th. Until then, I’m trying to spend as little as possible and let my weekly Tourist Information Centre wages nudge me towards that nice

  3. Who ever thought uncooked fish could be so delicious?!

    James despairs though, because every time we go for sushi I always end up singing "Wasabi, Wasabi" to the tune of "Chicago Chicago"…

    Glad you’re having a good time. We like aircon too.

  4. Wasabi wasabi…yeah I see what you mean.
    Wasabi, wasabi….oh dear. It`s stuck.
    As for sushi John, who needs more rice in Japan! Give me sashimi!!!!!!!
    Third Graders are the equivalent of Year Tens or what used to be known as Fourth Years in England. That is they`re 14/15 years old.

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