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Ok I bow to Archangel’s requests here, I have nothing better to write about really (except that you know in the Wizard of Oz, the scene when the Tornado comes? Well the woman on the bike cycling through the wind, that was me last night my head even supplied the music! Trying to cycle home before the Typhoon broke!)

So who have I met coming to Japan. In no particular order:

The Reincarnation: Third Grade teacher, sweet as anything, met me off the bus to Yamanashi and translated for my supervisor and her friend. She`s lovely but she uses more Japanese in her third year classes than the others do in their lower year classes.

PHB: (The Yellow Dart will understand the meaning) So far this nickname is based on a phrase from Waynes World and also my predecessors description of my supervisor. This nickname may be changed as, aside from keeping my bankbook to herself until I sent the Reincarnation to ask for it, she hasn`t done so much to deserve it. Well, she did clear my flat of almost everything I bought from my predecessor…but other than that…Don’t expect to hear too much about her (I hope!)

Nesuphyn C: The Archangel with extra vitamins! He’s already introduced himself in the comments pages. He doesn’t live far away and bought me TEA with McVities chocolate biscuits!!!! Oh how I craved Tea until then. A sweetie, if somewhat hyper at times when driving, to the point of not understanding the English Language…well I do speak it with an English accent. Although how did he mishear the word `sign’?

Skimble: The Railway Kat! Goddess of all things connected to the railway. From Virginia and partial to collapsing in hyserics should Mixed Bag whisper `penetration’ or some such word in a public place! However perfectly capable of talking about all things pornographic when in the comfort of her own home, or my home, or Nesuphyn C`s car! (Maybe thats why he misheard?) A good laugh and nice to have around, although she encourages me to tease poor Nesuphyn something chronic!

Mixed Bag: Again lives in the next town near the railway station. Always useful to practise my French on, he`s the man who’s introduction speech took 5 or more flags whereas the rest of us just used 1! Prone to hissing ‘penetration’ in Skimble`s ear currently in the process of total redecoration and reorganisation of his flat…hurrah he got rid of his books and gave them to me!

Straight Man: Well he’s the straight man to Mixed Bag’s funny guy, but only if you`re not paying attention! Prone to being the funniest guy around but in absolutely straight tones it pays to listen to him. Plus he spent a year at Lancaster so we have some common ground! A gamer at heart he’s the guy who persuaded us all to go to ToysRUs and there we discovered its actually a decent shop in Japan!

Girl Next Door: First Grade Teacher, has the desk next to mine in the staff room…she’s nice but not very talkative.

Ping Pong Lady: Second Grade Teacher, has the desk behind mine. Absolutely brilliant teacher, frequently has whole classes and me in stitches. And has a great way of saying `I don’t speak Japanese today’ in English classes, I can`t explain it, you`d have to be there. She coaches table tennis.

Miss T: One of my adult class, takes me places and tries to set me up with foreign men (ie. non-Japanese), any foreign men…even if they can`t speak English!

Grape~bringer: One of my adult class, great fun to go out with…we could end up anywhere and frequently do! Brings me grapes once a week…I’m not sure why.

Seriously Cute: my love of the French Accent has got to me with this one!

Ok thats everyone I can think of at the moment. I’m sure I shall ad people as and when. Satisfied Archie?

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  1. I heard the word sign just fine, I just didn’t understand it. Anyways, don’t worry about the teasing, I get it from my friends in America all the time. Its a sign of affection for me.

  2. Well, I guess this name [Skimble] is better than the one I got in high school and college. Even if you did have to explain it to me….and I’m a Cats fan too, that was the sad part.

    Yes, sadly, I am a closet perv. And the excessively white skin shows off even the slightest blush. What’s a girl to do?

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