Well that sounds more exciting that it actually was. As I was dozing off last night a lorry seemed to pass close by to the house…and keep passing…and keep passing, and the shaking got worse and worse until it finally broke my doze and I realised that in actual fact there was an earth tremor.

For some reason rather than remembering the Earthquake Drill books I`ve been reading it was GCSE Latin translation about Vesuvius that dropped into my head. So I bunged a pillow onto my head and crawled up to an interal wall and me and Peter sat there thinking; ‘this is kinda cool and I didn`t even pay for the ride`! Aparently, according to the reincarnation of my infants teacher who is posing as the third year teacher, this was the right thing to do. She seemed surprised that I wasn`t scared by the earthquake, but I was too dozy to be and besides it didn`t last that long and really was more like a kids fairground ride than anything else. On the other hand I am the woman who looked at a Tornado and thought `ooh thats a funny shaped cloud’…maybe I should listen to The Reincarnation more!

I wonder whether people can actually process things whilst they`re actually happening or whether this is some quality specific to me. Thinking about it I don’t seem to grasp the enormity of things as they are happening. In a tornado all I thought about was how pretty the lights in the sky were and how loud the wind was. It took Archangel specifically telling me `you were assaulted’ before I twigged onto that one. And last night it was all kinda cool.

Or maybe I can process enormity and it’s just that nothing truly enormous has ever happened to me, the Tornado was a small one, I sustained no real damage from the incident earlier this year and the earth tremor was merely a bit of a shake.

Mind you the Reincarnation was really scared last night…but I think thats because she knew that Japan is due for a really big quake in the next thirty years, which I didn`t know during the ride last night.

8 thoughts on “Earthquake!!!!!!!!

  1. You did all that? I just stayed on my couch and though… hmmm an earthquake, interesting. Although Kat called me to make sure it really was an earthquake and not her imaginination.

  2. Maybe you’re just underwhelmed by things that are generally labelled as ‘big’, because it’s not as if there’s anything visibly serious happening. If plaster had started falling from the ceiling, or things were falling off the dresser, maybe you’d have panicked more.

    Whether this is the sensible (rather than instinctive) response to a threat, or whether it’s because you have trouble comprehending what’s not immediately apparent to you, I can’t tell. At the very least, you were cool-headed enough to get to a place of safety, so that’s something at the very least.

    Anyway, how about a blog entry about all the new people you’ve met in Japan? For example, who was Peter and why was he present while you were dozing off, hmm? And who’s the Reincarnation, and of whom?

  3. "…you have trouble comprehending what’s not immediately apparent to you…"

    How’s that for a redundant statement?

    Er… how about: "…you don’t necessarily process the ultimate meaning and potential consequences of events when the results are not immediately apparent…"

  4. Well, if you read my blog entry you whould know who the Reincarnation was and of whoum. As for Peter, he`s my cuddly rabbit and thats why he was present as I was dozing off!

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