Not having the internet is beginning to annoy me

Yahoo BB and I just don’t seem to be compatible at the moment. It’s driving me crazy! I need internet access at home. My life without messenger programs is just annoying.

Mum and Dad managed to post me the wrong book yesterday, seems like they only paid attention to part of the title and not the description of the book itself. (This also explains why they were so confident they could post it for minimal expense!) Though I do understand Mum’s reasoning ‘How many books could there be with that wierd word in the title?’ (Cthulhu being the word in question)….

Nesuphyn C and I are talking about starting up an RP campaign, unfortunately my last minute decision to leave my role-playing books at home seems to have been a poor one. He’s a BESM fan and I simply don’t know enough about any anime so I’m attempting to lure him into Cthulhu…well I can lend him a paperback now! (Although I admit the schoolgirl ninjas and Sailor Moon are suggesting strange adventures to me)

Of course when I lend it to him there will have to be a rider with the loan; don’t read Herbert West – Renanimator immeadiately before cycling through darkened paddy fields to your Japanese teachers house. Especially not when half way through the ride your light decides to give up the ghost. Schoolgirls bending at the waist to tie their shoes whilst holding their (fuck-off HUGE) dog by its leash make disturbing shapes in the half light of a crescent moon.

ARGH! I want my internet!

5 thoughts on “Not having the internet is beginning to annoy me

  1. BESM doesn’t need too much in ways of knowledge about anime. It says its an anime based system, but it’s really is up to the GM how much of an anime type world the game becomes. It really can take on any type of realm, and better yet makes for good mixing of realms. (magical school girls meets space pirates)

    I totally understand not having internet at home. I was climbing the walls the brief two weeks that my house had no internet when I came. I wish there was something I can do to help.

    Yay! A book from Mish! If you’re interested I’ll lend you "The Gunslinger," I have the first five books with me.

  2. Oooh secrets of Japan. Sounds delicious. I mean there is deffinately a shoggoth hiding in the crater of Fuji. Thanks Archie!

    Equinox greetings to you John!

  3. According to the product list in the back of Cthulhu Dark Ages, there’s actually a Call of Cthulhu book out/in production about the Mythos in modern day Japan.

    Secrets of Japan, it’s called: "Modern day exploration of the land of the rising sun – As we start the twenty-first century few corners of the world remain unexplored and unilluminated by the lamp of reason in this scientific age. The fewer places there are to hide, the more bewildering and shocking the experience when we suddenly face cosmic terror.

    In this meticulously-researched sourcebook you will find a comprehensive portrayal of the culture, history, and people of Japan presented in a Lovecraftian setting. SECRETS OF JAPAN presents a new world of possibilities for keepers and investigators wishing to take their adventures East.

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