Well the main river was flooding; it’s calmed down a bit now. It was kind of wierd watching the centre of Kofu (nearest big town) on NHK news last night. Some of the teachers got evaquated for a couple of hours and the Minobu line (local train line) is out.

To me this sounds normal but is a big deal in Japan.

I am proud today.
Not for any earth-shattering reasons but because I had pizza for dinner.
No I didn’t cook it.
I ordered take away pizza…yeah and I’m proud of it.

I ordered take-away pizza over the phone, they delivered it and they delivered the one I asked for (Ham and Mushroom). And yes the reason I am proud is I did it all in Japanese, and I got fries too.
There were no pictures to gesture or wavy hand motions to make. I relied solely on Japanese and knew to expect the said pizza in thirty minutes. I feel proud. (I wish I had some tommy k in the kitchen though and I have no vinegar!)

Hurray for take-away!

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