Battle Royale

Watching Battle Royale after having taught in Japan and also with people who are teaching in Middle School in Japan is a very different experience.

Suddenly a whole lot about the movie makes more sense; the announcement music is familiar and everyone can do the excercises.

I just can’t figure out what the teacher and Noriko relationship is. I think that firmly my favourite character is that of the teacher.

The best thing though, is listening to everyones comments; those who’ve seen the movie, those who’ve read the book (which I have to get) and those who are ‘This is a real movie? This was in theatres?’, ‘I can’t believe that this is a movie’ *giggles*.

Its so fucking real is what freaks me out. I know those students. I teach them! I mean come on…Battle Royale is real?! (The characters are is what I mean).This country is amazing.

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