People who know me will be aware of the rather disturbing fascination I have with people doing impressions of the little worm from Labyrinth giving directions to Sarah(`The castles That way`) and of the sketch from a Duckula episode (basically a reworking of Abbott and Costello’s `Who’s on first` for those philistines who don’t remember Duckula/ are not British and never got the chance to see Duckula) . The one in ancient egypt with `Whomite` and `Ubi` that contains the never ending `And who might you be?`

Personally I blame the Pre-Raphaelite Maiden and the Yellow Dart and living with them (at different points) for this strange affliction. Impressions get to me…anyone who has seen The Yellow Dart do Yoda and Miss PIggy will testify that I run for the hills before my legs give way…

In any case, if you’ve seen the Duckula sketch you will understand my developing hiccups at my elementary school today in an effort not to have hysterics when we were teaching ‘What’s your name please?’ to a class…

We developed this game; a relay race, the kid at the front says ‘Hi, my names’s…. Whats your name?` and then the kid behind him says `My names….Nice to meet you.` and turns around and starts the whole thing off again with the kid behind him. The team that gets to the end of the line first sits down and thus they are victorious.

In any case, obviously some kids got stuck…in the first class to the extent where they’d turn around but somehow always end up in this little three way when the other kids were sitting down. They kept on turning round to the kid they just talked to and saying with this look of puzzlement ‘Hi my names…. Whats your name please?’ and back it would go in the wrong direction and there’d come this look of confusion (Hold it…I just said this to you, what’s happening?). I had to let the other teacher sort it out because I was trying so hard not to laugh. It wasn’t the kids fault and I’d hate to make them feel I might be laughing at their English; I wasn’t it was just their names and the fact that I get stuck with patterns in my head.

See we got stuck on ‘Ai’ (I), ‘Mie’ (me) and ‘Yui’ (you)…And who might you be?

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