Productive Day

Got up early this morning to listen to Radio Steve; and actually got stuff done today! Wow! Not a lot admittedly but theres something to starting the day curled up in a duvet and kotatsu blanket listening to good music to really get you motivated for doing.

Still I’m not enthused about work tommorrow; ho hum. Second years all morning learning how to give directions. I just hope we don’t descend into the conversation I had this afternoon. I was working with the Art Collective I’ve joined (our next exhibition is called Resistance 2005). We’re a group of pacifist artists creating works promoting ideals…thats the idea in so far as I understood it anyway, language barriers aside.

I didn’t do much artwork today to be honest, most of the public found me much more interesting as a mobile translation device. Had a long conversation with a girl of about ten. Anyway she gets up to go eventually and turns at the door and says something I don’t recognise; seeing my blank expression she turns to my language teacher and asks how to say it in English. My language teacher doesn’t know and explains she wants to thank me for talking to her and letting her be there. “Thankyou for having me” springs immeadiately to my lips (bringing with it adolescent purility) and the girl repeats the phrase and is gone.

Then my teacher turns to me and asks; “I do not understand. How have you her?” I pause, the adolescent in my brain is smirking and threatening bubbles of hysterical laughter, I take a breath to calm myself and damn my brain (which should, at this moment in time, by rights belong to some boy of about ten). My teacher seizes this moment to correct herself; “Ahhh I am sorry. I am wrong. How have you had her?”
I can’t believe you are laughing at that! I scream internally before explaining the oddities of the English language involving the word ‘have’. No I don’t explain the meaning that got me smirking. I do tell myself off severely afterwards, trouble is I don’t really believe myself.

Yes I laugh at the words ‘have’ and ‘did’ and ‘come’ in certain contexts; why oh why am I not some bloody adolescent? The English language in all its puerile ridiculouness just makes internal Mishs giggle.

Mind you, a brief internal giggle is nothing compared to the true ridiculousness of adolescence. I remember an English class where, inexplicably to the teacher, I had parts of the class in stitches by giving a speech on the inside of my pencil case. Oh the true wierdness of the adolescent innuendo. I mentioned `pencils`, `pencils with a rubbers on the end`, `rulers` and, even more inexplicably and hopefully purely regionally, `protractors’. The protractor at that point in my youth being the female equivalent to a boys ‘ruler’…oh dear gods. The cure for puerility of the Mish now; remember the truly puerile.

*snigger snigger snigger*

9 thoughts on “Productive Day

  1. Protractors? wow, that is pretty creative. On some level, I like it, there should be more playful slang for that.

    Yeah, isn’t English great?
    "I had her last night"
    "I want to do him"
    "I know them well" (In the biblical sense)
    "I came with her yesterday."

    We English speakers have made a mess of our language.

  2. "most of the public found me much more interesting as a mobile translation device"

    I am mish3-PO and I am programmed in over six million forms of communication

    he he

  3. I’ve noticed that Erfalaswen always asks for an ‘eraser’ when we’re roleplaying. I keep meaning to point that out to her.

    It’s odd that so many people of our age make a rubbing out motion when they ask specifically for a ‘rubber’. I wonder if it’s an unwittingly conditioned strategy to avoid the whole snigger-he-asked-for-a-condom-snigger thing.

  4. Nesuphyn: It was the wierdest bits of adolescent slang I remember from school.

    Archangel: Hey you know what, I do the rubbing mostion, how wierd. I hadn’t noticed till you said…*giggles* I had noticed that about Miss UD though!

  5. πŸ˜€

    I haven’t been coming here as much as I used to, I’ve been having someone over a lot lately so I’ve not had much time to do anything else but them.


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