Random Mish is back?

” I squeal really prettily when I’m spanked” …no not me! (Although if you asked some people…) That was Skimble the other day we had some great conversation about her having a lucky arse…and I thought mine was good! 🙂

Yeah. So Skimble and I spent yesterday plotting for Nesuphyn’s birthday. We are currently dressed in TaTuesque schoolgirl outfits! Hurray! It starts in an hour or so. We’ve cooked, ice creamed and dressed up as well as learning the correct pronounciation of ‘Irrashaimasen!’ what else do we need!?!

Well last night I turned round (after our dance routine….hehehe) and asked Skimble to cut my hair. So she asked me what I fancied ‘Just get rid of the blonde, hack away at it’ was my response.

Jellicle Cat, please get up off the floor.

I’m back, gamine/professional as ever and it feels like I’ve come home. Obviously I am now regrowing my hair because whatever my occaisional blip I do like it long. I do intend to shave it before my trip around the world. Mr Tree said I should!

“Well I been told,
You gotta work to feed the soul…

You’ve crossed the finishline
Won the race but lost your mind
Was it worth it after all?”
-I’m no Superman

Wierd stream of conciousness stuff follows:

So take around look at the landscape here, flatlands and fields, mountains misty in the distant and it feels as though their holding everything together, sewn together with sky whilst human life surrounding me is held to ransom by other souls. Everyone owes everyone else. Everyone owns everyone else. And I’ll sit in the flatlands and watch real life happen to someone else. Spiderlights aside the fields are mine and the mountains are mine and we are all each other. One day I’m going to trip the switches entirely.

4 thoughts on “Random Mish is back?

  1. Last time I saw Tree he had long hair, and you’re planning on taking his advice to shave it?

    ‘Icecreaming’ is a verb? I’m just trying to clarify the definition to myself, particularly after the Tatu reference.

  2. Ah, the explanation being that Mr Tree has a specific taste in women, and as such, when he is asked his opinion on feminine styling, he is likely to suggest that the subject shaves her head, invests in some hardwearing clothes, and learns how to fight, ideally with a shotgun… :/


  3. Ah.

    Just to be finicky, it’s not Mr Tree, it’s Tree. Apparently he gets annoyed when the council send him letters addressed to Mr Tree. They still do it though, cos most of them land on our doormat.

  4. Any noun can be verbed.


    And yes, Skimble and I icecreamed but not nearly as much as Skimble and Bouncy did. Many of the lads took photos, for some reason seeing the pair of them lick icecream from a plate together seemed to get people all het up!

    And yes we were dressed as TaTu.

    What do you recckon Foxy Jonno would I look good with a gun?

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