Resident Evil:Apocalypse

Well I finally got to see Resident Evil Two. Saw the first film with Scary Bloke and Full Metal Flower; was expecting shit but really enjoyed it. And this time I went with Nesuphyn and Skimble and was expecting kind of a let down of a film; it’s based on a PS game for heavens sake!

The earthquake we had at the beginning of the film may have enhanced the movie watching experience.

But yes I loved the film and anyone who has role-played with me knows what a gunbunny I can be so I was totally into my fantasy world with this film. I adored all the little nods to traditional zombie flicks ok I basically laughed hysterically at the Graveyard scene.

Now I have still yet to see 28 Days Later so for me the most enjoyable zombie movie I have seen is Resident Evil and this was a nice sequel; guns, explosions, heads being ripped to shreds and nice close ups of people being pulled into a crowd of biting, ripping zombies. EXCELLENT!

And yes ten year old Mish living in my head was going ‘I want to Milla Jovovitch’ when I grow up. So was Skimble! We want guns! We want to run down buildings! Most of all we want to look that good NAKED!!!

Actually I was kind of torn; do I want to be like Milla Jovovitch? Or do I want to date a woman like Milla Jovovitch?

4 thoughts on “Resident Evil:Apocalypse

  1. "And yes ten year old Mish living in my head was going ‘I want to Milla Jovovitch’ when I grow up."

    I was gonna say, is the missing word there ‘be’ or ‘do’? 😉

    Have you seen Shaun of the Dead yet? It is also fiine, in a comedic way 🙂

  2. Yes I have seen Shaun of the dead and thought it was damn amusing. The missing word is BE it’s BE dammit. She`s ten!

  3. Shaun of the Dead: one of the few spoofs I’ve seen to be just as good as a comedy as it is as an example of the genre it’s supposed to be spoofing/parodying/offering tribute to.

    Goddamm, it’s a great film.

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