Woa I’m tripped out. I love this time of year, my house is decorated with silly things like pumpkins and skeletons (and will remain so until the end of witch week – blame too much Dianna Wynne Jones as a kid!) and I got to spend today doing some serious scrying and prayer.

I am I’m overly religious, just give me an excuse and I’ll dive for the candles and the scrying bowl: I do like ceremonial magic just recently…oh deary deary me the hedgewitch has gone tripping! Mind you a real ceremonial magician would probably not call my idea of ceremonail so!

Happy Samhain! Hallowe’en! Whatever else people are celebrating at the moment!

I love this time of year!

5 thoughts on “Samhain

  1. B.O.G.O.F? Parents? This is getting confusing.

    Anyway, the LURPS one-shots went well. I made my first two PC kills (ignoring player-kills and players leaving the game).

    1. FBI Special Agent Conrad Shepherd, who came face to face with the aldersmen of Groversville, Tennessee, on the upstairs landing of the town hall. Unfortunately, they had been rendered down into a protomatter blob that lashed at him with pseudopods. He went insane and latched onto the nearest source of comfort – the stars and stripes. Turns out the flag had a pointy bit on the end, so he turned it into a makeshift lance… and did fuckall damage to the spawn. Repeated point-blank shotgun blasts also did fuckall. He was overrun. Then his tac-team leader came running up the stairs with a canister of gasoline syphoned out of the fuel tank of Shepherd’s Hummer. Big molotov cocktail. We like to think that Shepherd was already dead before his body was incinerated. A beautiful death for a Call of Cthulhu character.

    2. A less beautiful death went to FBI Special Agent Jonathan Grey, who decided that being a smartass (and not a particularly great one at that) was the way to go when held at gunpoint by a bunch of MiBs led by a sociopath. After being an unrelenting asshole towards the gunmen, he says, "I’m a federal agent. What exactly have you guys been doing here?"

    "Why the hell should I tell you?" Adolph Lepus replies, before adding: "Actually, come over here." Grey follows him over to the side of the road, and Lepus lowers his voice so only Grey can hear. "We’ve been conspiring with the Greys against the citizens of the United States of America, to abduct innocent people and perform hideous experiments on them. We’ve broken the Constitution, Federal Law, not to mention all standards of international human rights. In this town, we poisoned the water supply with alien organic material to keep the citizens docile and under control. We telepathically ordered an innocent man to commit suicide. We’ve just sent an attack helicopter against the second faction of fungoid aliens who wiped out our Grey allies. All this was carried out with absolute plausible deniability. Now, could you just kneel down on the ground, please?"

    Grey knelt…

    Away from the fictional world of Lovecraftian Tennessee, Erfalaswen hosted a Samhain party at our house. Me, Tom, Luke, Bluefoo and Craig drank mead and ate all manner of delightful creations, and laughed uproariously at my incompetence in GTA: San Andreas.

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