Its the twenty third of the season and it’s a big one.

You may have noticed occasional blips in my entries since I got here; that’s because typhoons have hit the coasts and islands and my net access has been knocked for six. Something wierd happened to the phonelines last night as well.

So according to NHK news it’s bigger than the rest, more stormy than the rest, and unlike the previous twenty two is heading straight for Yamanashi (where I live). Ho hum. If I’m not updating/ responding to emails for a while then you know why.

Note to American Beardy: I am unlikely to be dead; STOP WORRYING!

One thought on “Typhoon

  1. Christ, I just had a look on BBC News Online and saw the photo they had of one of the tidal waves.

    I suppose it’ll have spent itself a bit before reaching you if it has to cross that huge chunk of mainland to the south-west of where you are.

    Still, 15 dead, 30 injured, 50,000 without electricity, 110,000 evacuated and it’s due to hit you, ooh, sometime today.



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