Good Weekend

So Skimble and I had a good day in and around her place, I got to listen to a piano lesson in full progress, in realised how much I missed being able to play the piano, am now half considering asking her teacher to giv me lessons on Saturdays after she does Skimble. This would mean an investment in an organ so that I could practice…this is not feasible until after I buy my DVD player (yup thats the next thing I’ve decided to own my first DVD player!) which I’m saving for at the moment. Maybe next year!

Then we straightened her hair before setting off for the quiz. It made me realise how much I missed fiddling with hair. Giggles and I had a great evening once when she lived on campus dyeing hair… but somehow I don’t think Skimble’s up for dyeing her beloved blonde tresses….I wonder if my school would mind me going blue? Probably. Alas for not being a student anymore.

In anycase we set off for the pub quiz…a three hour drive away. Skimble is so American! A three hour drive to me means a long way, it’s the equivalent of the train ride home from Lancaster…something I rarely do! But no, Skimble wants to drive along Route 300 (and it is indeed very pretty) so we hop in the car with sodas and chocolate. And put the Pirates of The Carribean soundtrack on loudly! Baa-baa-ba-ba-ba-BA-BA all along the mountains through the Fuji Go Ko (Five Lakes region) with the leaves golden and red and the mountains sprinkled with snow on top like iceing sugar! We felt like we were questing for something…and that Captain Jack Sparrow would leap onto our car and…well I think we were thinking the same thing… ‘Captain you must have been sooo lonely on that island for three days!’ (What can I say, he’s Johnny Depp!!!)

We came third in the quiz which I think is not bad. Although after a year of living with Giggles I can’t believe that I wrote Cocaine down (answer to ‘What is the seven percent solution in the ‘Sign of Four’?) only to have someone question the date and me rewrite opium! ARGH!!!!!!!!!! And I grew up with Blue Eyes! What was I thinking…the literature round caused me some frustration. I knew those answers! They were on the tip of my tongue, and I could have sworn a sonnet had sixteen lines not fourteen! Ah well…it was a good pub quiz!

Then we drove home (only two hours) and stopped at Coco`s for a threesome with their ORGASMIC chocolate dessert!

Today went well too. Radio Steve mantioned me! Hurrah! Spiritualized was played and that just started me on a good day, after his show The Jellicle rang me (YEAY!) Skimble left to rescue Nesuphyn C and I lazed until going to the Kabuki museum in the afternoon.

Yeah. That was good for my Japanese. Wow. Tour round a Kabuki museum all in Japanese. Now there was me and the bilingual Japanese girl trying to translate into English. You’d think she would have had the easier job…but I was the one who’s actually studied ukiyo-e and read up on the history of kabuki. So I’m recgonising the simple vocabulary ‘see’, ‘this’, ‘that’, ‘his’, and the techincal terms! Put em together and I still don’t know the sentence but I know the meaning! We had a good time together and in the onsen afterwards! Ohhhh and as for the fish reastaurant…..mmmmm I thouht I might die.

The toilet was disturbing though. I still can’t get used to Japanese mechanised loos. Toilets with buttons! Well in this case there were sensors and the loo seat popped open as the door opened! Argh! Heated seat though which was nice!

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  1. Hmm, is it a Pirates of the Caribbean reference?

    (By the way, has anyone else out there who’s using Mozilla Firefox having trouble just clicking on the luvlymish comments pages? I’m having to open them in a new tab, otherwise it just tells me there’s no data.)

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