Older Men

I don’t know if this happened to everyone but suddenly when I turned sixteen I became a magnet for older men’s lines: ‘You remind me of my first girlfriend/ kiss/ wife (ARGH?!?!), or my personally hated line ‘If I was ten years younger…’ one night I actually got that line four times from three different men within the space of twenty minutes.

In any case it’s never the older men that you want giving you the lines or hitting on you. Yes I am fully aware that my taste is pretty much older all the way. Well in terms of movie stars at least; Harrison Ford, Sean Connery, Leslie Phillips (I don’t care if he’s ninety he’s still got that voice!) In terms of lovers I don’t ever seem to go much above the ten years mark…not that I haven’t tried mind, but for some reason older men seem to prefer a little above my level of sophistication… 😉

Anyway it’s never the fanciable ones that end up coming over in bars…or in this case Korean Restaurants.

Yes Skimble and I are out in Tomizawa, going to a Korean restaurant that Straight Man apparently frequents. Anyway, we get greeted by the okusan who knows Skimble, and we go to our table, or stuff and get chatting. Then, over comes the okusan….some teachers would like to join you. Oh…um…o..k..

And then we get thoroughly hit on by two middle aged men who smell of alcohol. But its ok because they’re elementary school teachers who want to invite us to their homes for Christmas. Uh. Great. Actually one guy was pretty nice (he sat next to me) but the other guy was way out of it and kept invading Skimble’s personal space…..oh boy and I could see her face!

So an evening of being asked random stuff about our countries. And having hysterics over stuff that the old blokes looked hugely puzzled over. Then we get up to leave. We go to the okusan to pay our bill…and discover that in fact we don’t have to pay it. Putting up with drunken older men isn’t so bad when you get told there no bill at the end of the night…oh wait, is that the whore in me coming out again?

It was a decidedly odd evening.

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