Have just found out that Alan Garner aparently wrote adult fantasy too!

I have to find a copy and see what it’s like!

I love Elidor…Jesus. This is a night for revalations.

The world is a cycle and anyone who tells me that its not after today is lying. we dance in the spiderlights and it all circles around us this wrote out path that we fight against. We go on with our lives . It’s all a cycle and we all swap sides, on one side we’re the good guys who swoop in to clear up the city when it’s been stormed by masked villains. And on the other we’re the masked villains who burn and raid the city. I wonder if being a masked villain is easier after having been a superhero? I wonder when we learn that there is no difference, that the mask stays on and only the people around you change. ‘I am the superhero/villain’ it just depends on whether your inside looking out or outside looking in.

I too once thought I was owed something
I was hoping I was hoping we could challenge each other
I was hoping I was hoping we could crack each other up
I too thought that when proved wrong I lost somehow
I too once thought life was cruel
it’s a cycle really you think i’m withdrawing and guilt tripping you I think you’re insensitive
and I don’t feel heard and I said do you believe we are fundamentally judgmental? fundamentally evil?
and you said yes I said I don’t believe in revenge in right or wrong good or bad you said
“well what about that man that I saw handcuffed in the emergency room bleeding after beating his kid
and she threw a shoe at his head.
I think what he did was wrong and I would’ve had a hard time feeling compassion for him”
I had to watch my tone for fear of having you feel judged.
I was hoping I was hoping we could dance together
I was hoping I was hoping we could be creamy together

Alanis Morrisette – I was hoping

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