Bad Things Come In Threes

So yesterday three shitty things happened: I was miserable about it being my Grandmother’s birthday, I blew the fuse in my blender and don’t have any screwdrivers small enough to open it up, and the fucking hotel cancelled.

Last night as I was trying to warm up my very cold bed, I was seriously thinking about coming home, I know that there are a few people who’d quite like me to. (I also know that they would hate to be a reason for my coming home) But last night I was seriously considering leavingmy flat in July and moving in with the Jellicle Cat in Lancaster next year. Getting a job in Lancaster does not sound like my idea of a good time, however, especially not without a drivers licence. But last night I just thought about all the people who won’t be around when I do come back FoxyJonno and Princess Lex will have gone, probably Giggles and Radio Steve as well, maybe FFG, Cuddles and the Torch too, even the Naiad and the Nymph are talking about moving. And I just fancied going down The Bobbin with Wrong Mike and Radio Steve for some reason and nattering to Spike and Bill and everyone who was down there.

Today as I was cycling to school I was thinking about my illustrated vocabulary. And planning what I want to put on the noticeboard next year. I was working out a simple vocabulary comic strip for the second years and thinking about what we might do with them for Eostre…theres so much I want to do here. Theres so much I couldn’t do in a year. I want to see Hokkaido and Okinawa and that sex shrine that Sweetie’s brother told me about…

Thing is I miss American Beardy too, as much as I miss my Beardy Best Mate, My Favourite Uncle, Cuddles and The Torch. Yes I miss Jellicle Cat more. And I don’t see American Beardy anywhere near as much as the others, nor do I see Quicktalk or the Accomplice in the Illegal Act but they are still my friends, and we still talk to each other.

And besides I just had the most amazing news from a friend. Everything looks better today, even if it is Christmas Eve and hey work is good and my life is so nearly perfect that I couldn’t complain today.

I think I will stay until 2006 after all.

6 thoughts on “Bad Things Come In Threes

  1. here is some other good news, i am going to ask kimber to marry me on boxing day. got the ring and everything. if you are back over here i’d love you to me at the wedding.

    i’m going to see la traviata and madama butterfly in february – won’t be the same going on my own.

    all the best

  2. Oh daemonic I’d love to come. I hope she says yes! I miss going to the opera with you too! Maybe when I’m back we can go see something. Really jealous about La Traviata though!

  3. If it makes you feel a little better, myself, Archangel and The Man Of Taste are not going anywhere before 2006…

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