Few movies terrify me. As in really, I don’t mean make me jump, plenty do that, I mean really fucking SCARE me. In fact I can think of two off the top of my head:

The Exorcist

Books always always always scare me more than movies. There are too many books that scare the shit out of me (in a leave the lights on when I go to sleep kind of way). So authors who have done that are:

Dean Koontz
Stephen King
James Herbert

So what exactly possessed me to buy Ring today, considering what the film did to me why did I think buying the book was a good plan?

8 thoughts on “Freaked…

  1. Oh Favourite American o’ mine.

    The Excorcist and Ring are both GOOOD FILMS!
    And yes Dan Event Horizon did actually scare me I had merely forgotten it!

    Finished reading Ring by the way. Don’t want to turn the lights off now.

  2. Bad Bad Mish. You know better then to buy bad films. Your favorite American is mad at you now.

    Okay, I’m over it. 🙂

  3. What about Event Horizon? That scared the shit outta me, and Paul and various other people have agreed with em on that one. Although it may be because I first watched it in a darkened room in a creaking house at 3am.

  4. Event Horizon scared the bejesus out of me as well, when I watched it in the middle of the night in a creaking house. I think I’d had a drink or two as well, which often increases my emotional response to a film, book or whatever.

    (The novel of American Psycho plus a pint of vodka & coke, not a good idea, not around the torture scenes…)

  5. American Psycho: the only book to put me off torturing people with acid, cheese, Rotastak(tm), chainsaws, nail guns and rats.


    Although I did learn a lot about Phil Collins and Whitney Houston.

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