I hate it when things go wrong

So much for Kyoto. I had booked a romantic surprise for the Jellicle Cat, New Year in Kyoto. Well I thought it would be romantic.

Of course I didn’t count on the fucking small print. May be cancelled by either party up to 72 hours before arrival date. WELL FUCK YOU KYOTO TOWER HOTEL!

Yes I am upset. I got a phone call today explaining that although I had indeed reserved a room for two unfortunately the hotel had double booked itself. And lucky me – I get to be half of the couple they booted out! After expressing my frustrations in very Angry English (the sort Sunshine doesn’t teach but falling short of actually calling the insensitive bastard fucker on the phone by those particular names) and a smattering of pleading Japanese, I hopefully dived to the internet. Guess what? It’s too late for me to book ANYWHERE in Kyoto for New Years. I even looked at hostels…there is NOTHING.

YOU BASTARDS! Well thankyou very much. How can people do that when you planned stuff?! Argh! Yes right now I want to take comfort in throwing the sort of tantrum my sister did when she was about three. You know all screaming, yelling wordlessly, face as red as a beet and water and snot pouring from all the available orifices. How can they do this? I was so looking forward to my New Year.

I’ve never stayed in a hotel with a boyfriend before.


4 thoughts on “I hate it when things go wrong

  1. That plain fucking sucks….Jellicat would have loved Kyoto too.
    Damn Hotel….you’d think they’d figure out how to keep from double booking. Bastards probable jun ken poed……

  2. Yeah I have this feeling that my New Year happiness probably came down to a quick jun ken po too…Bastards.

    *hugs* Miss UD I’m sorry you’re not seeing Man of Taste for New Year!

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