One Year

‘In other news I should probably announce that I am currently in a relationship….yeah that probably caught a lot of you off guard huh? Me too…I mean despite the fact that I did ask him about three weeks ago if, since he was considering a relationship, why not consider one with me. I didn’t actually think he’d ever in a million years say yes…or indeed ever think this was a good idea. Then my warder made us talk.

Well everyone should have figured this out by now. Me and the Jellicle Cat are now going out. And before anyone starts panicking no we’re not intending on monogamy…yes I can see my favourite shopkeeper shaking his head in despair at those words. We shall see how it goes…oh and incidentally…

I’M GOING OUT WITH THE JELLICLE CAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!HURRAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!’ Mish 15th December 2003

It is a year ago since my Warder, the Jellicle and I sat down to watch Donnie Darko together in the living room of an otherwise empty number 18. It is a year ago since my Warder turned to us both and told us to get it sorted out. And we did. And we’re still together.

This officially means I have had a relationship for longer than I have had a not-relationship (you all know what I mean!). Can I still claim to be anti-relationships? Not sure about that one, I’m still figuring out where my head is at to be honest!

The open thing seems to be working out for us both. As for the poly-bit, hmmm only slightly, maybe the new year will bring more luck on that one.

I love him. I am in love with him and I am very happy to be in this lovely, bouncy, cuddly relationship thing. (see! see! I haven’t run away really!) I find it very hard to believe I am going out with my most modest of lovers. My caring, kind, gentle, lovely Jellicle Cat. I find it continually amazing that he is going out with stick-insect, no-tits, exhibitionist, self-obsessed me.

Isn’t life wonderful?

PS. Still can’t listen to the damn George Michael song and why is there a voice in my head going ‘it’ll be Christmas Eve soon’?

4 thoughts on “One Year

  1. Congratulations.

    Can you be in a long-term relationship (by my standards, at least…) and still be anti-relationship on a general level? It’s a tough one, but I think the answer is a carefully qualified no. You still seem to have hang-ups about relationships, but you’ve noticeably been getting over them. You seem to be reaching the point where, "Relationships are bad," seems to be a reflex action. I could be wrong though. I often am.

    Stick-insect – incorrect.
    No tits – definitely incorrect. I’ve checked.
    Exhibitionist – this is a bad thing? :-p
    Self-obsessed – um… well… no one’s perfect.

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