Periods In Japan

Whilst coming on to your period unexpectedly whilst you’re on the pill is a bloody (literally) annoying thing it is not nearly as bad as not coming on to your period unexpectedly. That is at least what I keep telling myself. In loud fierce tones. It could have been worse, it could have been on a day when I don’t have an excuse to go out of school…oh yes I can really see me explaining to the Reincarnation, no I need to go to the seven eleven between classes so I can buy tampons…need to find out how to say that in Japanese really.

As it was today is a day when I flit between schools on my bike, and hey! A seven eleven is on my route! Quick stop, two bars of chocolate and I discovered the tampons carefully hidden in amongst the bathroom section. I went up to the counter and they very kindly put my tampons into a brown paper bag before putting them into the plastic bag with the chocolate.

I felt like I was buying porn!

Now part of me was relieved, after all no one would see I’d been buying tampons. It’s not that I get embarrassed about you know…*sotto voce* tampons! But really if I’m on my period then I don’t particularly want every child at school knowing.

This is my blog, my diary, and if any of you lot don’t want to know every detail about my private life I do at least attempt to provide some warning in the titles! So a brown bag, no one would see…on the other hand the fem-nazi who seems to have taken up residence in my brain was shouting ‘hey it’s my right to buy tampons if I choose to! Why should I feel ashamed! TAMPONS! TAMPONS! TAMPONS! You can’t deny me my basic right to tell everyone about my menstrual cycle!’
Mmmm yes. Indeed.

So tampons are sold in brown paper bags in Japan. Well it’s making me smile at least!

12 thoughts on “Periods In Japan

  1. Hi Mish,

    The evil sarcasm and dry humour beast that lives occasionally in my skull is urging me to offer you my heartfelt congratulations on your period and further to pass you my best wishes for a full and satisfying experience of the same.

    Enjoy 😉


  2. Bastard Male Arsehole.

    I am in full evil woman mode at the moment, my hormones are bitchy and quite frankly you can fuck off and die for never having to experience these stabbing pains laughingly called cramps.

  3. It’s not my fault this time!! I’m mentral-free!!!

    Hmmmm, maybe Friday shopping with you would be a bad idea….I wouldn’t wanna catch the menstral bug from you again. That sucked! (jk, I’m still coming up)

  4. Mish,

    My comment was meant in good humour. I did not intend any offence to you whatsoever. Please accept my sincere apologies for any offence I may have caused to you.


  5. John I love you dearly.
    Many hugs kisses etc.

    But really you surely know better than to say such things to a woman in mid-menstrual flow!

    Today my hormones are a little less insane…a little. My kids still think I’m nuts though…

  6. Now I would’ve thought that was an essential quality for a teacher: being nuts. It certainly keeps the little shits on their toes, at any rate.
    One second you’re dishing out smelly stickers, and the next you’re shrieking like a banshee whilst beating them around their stupid little heads with a ruler.

    … I wish I was a teacher.

  7. Over the past few years, I think I’ve come to almost understand the sheer shittiness of being female, even though (thank God) I’ve never experienced it.


    And thanks for the absinthe and the glasses. You’re wonderful and we all love you.

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