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I came across an article in The Washington Post yesterday which really sickened me, so accordingly I posted a link to it.


However some people could not see the text. So accordingly I went back to copy and paste. Unfortunately it is no longer there. The page is there but the article is a blank. So I will summarise;

Some of the aid groups in America who have been sending help to the tsunami victims in Asia are looking on this as an opporunity to indoctrinate children of Muslim families with Christian ideas. The quote yesterday was a fairly direct one. They are deliberately taking Muslim orphans and placing them with Christian families. The way the article wrote about the sickened me.

Now, these kids need homes undoubtedly and whoever wants take them should. But to deliberately take children from the islands and place them in Banda Aceh because there are families there who will ‘plant Christian Ideals as soon as possible’ seems absolutely sick to me.

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  1. According to The Wrens Nest, that scheme has now been dropped after a crack down by the governments of the countries where the kids live. The governments have said that their first priority is finding out whether the parents and families of these kids are still alive or not before anyone mentions adoption or any similar such schemes.

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