Back At Work

Oh joy the relentless grind. Oh joy the predictable life. Oh Gods the encircling path that snares us.
Having said all that of course it ws nice to see people today and notice which ones asked me about Kyoto, and who looked most upset for me. I am loved! Hurrah I am loved!

In anycase I am proud and despondent by turns about my Japanese abilities and lack there of:

Proud – I understood half of the staffmeeting this morning.

Despondent – Once again the other teachers vanished off to a ceremony leaving me to scrawl lesson plans until I suddenly realised that the entirity of the rest of the room was eerily silent.

Proud – I knew that the teachers in the car to the restaurant we had lunch at were having a haircare conversation based around The Girl Next Door’s new haircut.

Despondent – I couldn’t even begin to join in.

Proud – I explained to the cute sports female teacher that the hotel had doubled booked the Jellicle and me.

Despondent – I still can’t recognise ‘Happy New Year’ desppite it haveing been repeated to me several times over the course of the day.

In other news the cute male sports teacher is continueing to do the theatrical sighs and pouty face whenever I mention my boyfriend. Which fills me with joy…right next job of the evening

5 thoughts on “Back At Work

  1. I’m trying to do a portfolio for UCAS application-ness right now. Will see your PANIC and raise you sheer, nightmareish, nervous, fund-less-inducing HORROR!!!

    🙂 Good luck, btw.

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