Bye Bye Jellicle Cat

For the first time in a while I’m coming back to a cold, empty flat. Saw the Jellicle off after getting up at an ungodly hour this morning. It’s been nice to have him around the place, and I’ll miss him a lot. I do agree with him that we probably could live with each other; we know about space which is good. Though I swear he presses the ‘cute’ button too much, nobodies been able to locate it before!

But it did feel unexpectedly good to get back to Kofu and just be walking on my own. This from the girl, one of who’s greatest pleasures as an adolescent, was to get on a bus and go to Grimsby, not because theres particlularly anything great in Grimsby but for the sheer pleasure of walking around with nobody knowing exactly where I was.

He’ll be on a plane still as I’m writing this. I’m envious of his postion in a way, not because I want to go to Lancaster, or fly home but because he’s travelling, he’s going somewhere. He gets to arrive in a place with a couple of bags and get on a train. I’m planning on getting stuck here (suddenly two years seems like forever) and theres so much else left to see. But if we look at it like that I’m planning really on getting stuck in, probably Lancaster, depending. I am going to need to fund the travelling somehow.

I’m sure I’ll think of something.

3 thoughts on “Bye Bye Jellicle Cat

  1. He is coming back by train then? I sent him an email asking if he wanted me to pick him up cos Sam had mentioned something about it, but I never got a reply. If you get this before it’s likely to have happened, do you know what UK time he’s supposed to be getting in? It’s entirely possible that the trains from Manchester will have been stopped because of the horrendous flooding, although that’s purely speculation on my part.

  2. Ahh sorry I didn’t get your comment before Dan. Hope all worked out in the end. He was trying to contact you as well…ah well.

    And Archie, your point is?

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