Ian Fields Where Are You?

Somebody please tell me where I found this quote it’s driving me nuts!

I don’t want your body much,
I just want your soul,
To replace the one I lost,
Which the wicked pixies stole.

– Ian Fields

I googled and the first two pages that came up were an old site of mine and a…well I can’t call her an ex-pupil as it was only Summer College (though she was only 17 at the time) and I don’t know her well enough to call her a friend…well an acquaintence’s blog.

If someone who knows Miximatosis reads this ask her where she got it from!!!!

6 thoughts on “Ian Fields Where Are You?

  1. Yeah I thought about that, but this acquaintence of mine had the quote and not from me. Also I’ve been trying to find out who Ian Fields is, but to no avail…anyone?

  2. No luck searching for Ian Fields. There is a musician called Ian Field who has an album out now, but I can’t find any information about any previous work he might have done…

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