Sandman Quizes

DeLIriUm of the Endless
You Are Delirium! You are rather strange, but
occasionally display a flash of incredible
brilliance. Sometimes you forget what you were
going to say. Sometimes you remeber things
everyone else has forgotten forever and

Which Sandman Character are You?
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I was really trying not to get Delerium this time. I always get her!
On the other hand, totally cool I get to be LUCIFER!!!!

Congratulations, you’re Lucifer, the dee-ee-vee…
um. The guy. You know. (Everybody says he’s got
horns an’ a tail, but he doesn’t, really. He
does have tails, I mean, but they’re not his. I
think.) *Ahem* Lucifer Morningstar, the fallen
Son of the Morning. Abdicated his throne in
Hell, current whereabouts debatable. Suave,
beautiful, utterly dangerous. Wheeeeee! Stop

Which supporting character from the Sandman series are you?
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