A Better Day

Today is a better day. Looks like things are on in May although they may not be in March. I think Kyoto is somehow fated against me!

And below is a quiz that the Naiad did on her blog.

Do you believe in life after death?
Death would be the final merging with All, so after that no. After this body dies then I do believe in reincarnation yes.

Do you believe that ghosts haunt people or places?
Yes, as to whether they are always ‘dead people’ or whatever that I might debate with you on.

Have you seen a ghost?

If yes to the above, were you drinking or using drugs at the time or had you been diagnosed with a psychotic illness?
No, I was ten for Gods sakes!

Are you superstitious?
*laughs* almost certainly!

If yes, what are you superstitious about?
Traditional things; ladders, mirrors, books, cats, crossing fingers, loo roll, knocking on doors, the usual 😉

Are you afraid of the dark?
Only occaisionally, and then I can usually persuade the dark that I’m scarier than it.

Are you afraid to be alone?
I love being on my own, so no.

Do you believe in extraterrestrials?
I think its probable that there is other life than us in this universe!

Have you seen a UFO?

Do you believe in astrology?
I use it certainly.

What is your astrological sign?
Capricorn, I’m deadly boring unless you’re another earthsign…or a Saggitarius it would appear…

Have you ever had your astrological chart done?
I did my own a couple of times for practice.

If yes to the above, do you feel it was fairly accurate?
Yes, it was. But then I’m not so sure I wasn’t biased!

Have you had your fortune read?

If yes to the above, what method did the fortune teller use? Cards, palm reading, runes, scrying?
Oh gods I’ve tried most things! Cards of various sorts, runes, water scrying, crystal scrying, palm-reading, fire-scrying, dice, shinto-shrine paper, umm…theres probably some that I’ve missed.

Do you believe you can heal yourself with your mind?
Not personally but I know some people can.

Have you been to a seance?
Yes and I’ve held them sometimes for fun. Silly adolescent that I was.

Do you like scary movies?
Oh yes! LOTS!

Are you afraid of spiders or snakes?
Snakes no, unless they are very poisonous and likely to bite. Spiders I try to avoid.

Do you think that snakes are evil?
Its a bit harsh to judge an entire race of creatures with my subjective morality isn’t it?

Do you believe in the Devil? Evil spirits?
Not the Christian Devil no, I’m sure people and spirits are bad and good by their own lights so evil is a tricky one for me.

Do you believe in angels?
If your talking about the Christian version again then no. I believe in spirits of all sorts though.

If you believe in God, do you believe God is All or only All Good?
Only One God? Nope…but we are ALL ALL.

Do you believe in telepathy?

Are you able to see peoples’ auras?
I used to be able to, I can’t anymore, I’m not sure why.

Do you believe that negative energy can remain in a location long after a bad event has taken place?
Oh yes.

Do you believe in possession?
By what and of what? Yes generally I suppose.

If yes to the above, do you believe it can be dispelled or overcome by religious rite?
Depends on the individual circumstances but yes.

Do you believe that people can be utterly evil without hope for redemption?
Theres that subjective morality thing again.

Have you used a Ouji board?

If yes, did you get an intelligible message?

Have you had a dream that came true?

Would you rather be buried or cremated?
I don’t know. I’d rather like vultures to pick clean my bones on the whole actually.

Do cemetaries creep you out?
No I rather like them, especially Pere le chaise…I can’t spell that!

Have you ever had a premonition that came true?

Have you ever heard disembodied voices?

If yes to the above, were you drinking or using drugs at the time or had you been diagnosed with a psychotic illness?

Are you the original occupant of your home?

If no, have you ever felt the presence of something/someone else in your home when you were alone?
Curiously enough this morning yes.

Do you believe that people who practice witchcraft are generally evil?

Do you believe in Hell?
Hell is other people.

Do you have a favorite number?

If so, what is it and why?
6. I don’t know why.

If you are familiar with Tarot, which Major Arcana character do you most identify with?
The Lovers usually.

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