An Odd Phonecall

Well today I helped someone with their English that I have never even met. I recieved a phonecall at school (a strange occurence in itself) from someone who said they had been to Oshihara-chu ten years ago…ok. Wierd enough and then they asked me, on the basis that they were a former pupil of the place I now work if I could help them with their English studies. I said ok, and then spent the next twenty minutes going over the difference from ‘I have been’ and ‘I was’…oh joyous fun one is a complete action and one is continuing…well I think!

I sometimes get a real sense of continuity from this JET programme thing, I know about the JETs for the past six or seven years (even know them by name! Todd, Zoe, Renae!) and I’m fairly sure that the guy who rang me this morning had a JET called Alan, who incidentally is married to a Japanese lady and has a baby now…My flat was only a place where the last three have lived though so less of a sense of conituity with Alan there, but I do still have some of his worksheets in my desk. It’s a strange and cyclical thing is time, full of odd patterns and weaves.

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