Hunter S Thompson

One of the more interesting reads of my life was Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, I have to say I read it after having seen the movie which I first saw drunk and partially stoned off my face somewhere in America. It’s the sort of movie that benefits from being seen that way.

Bohemian is a word I identify with. On a web group I run over on orkut we had a discussion about whether there were any real bohemians still living. Well the last of them seems to have shot himself.

To live life for truth is the function of a journalist. To live life for personal truth within journalism seems to be a particularly American quality and one that is often abused by CNN in my opinion.
To see beauty in the world you must surely experience all that the world has to offer, to discover a beauty within your prose, to write of the soul in all it’s forms you need to find a freedom of experience which I find to be lacking within standard society.
To realise that your life is a story seems to be a thought of the freest form there is. And to realise that all the news is but a story told by one to another of the truths they saw and the beauty they experienced is to prose what the Impressionist movement was to art.

I pay my respects to the man responsible for one hell of a trip that spans different media from psychedilic drugs to film, that spans both countries and time. I pay my respects to a man who took me with him on the trip of a lifetime his was a ride of chemicals to Las Vegas, mine was a ride of prose to Lancaster and together we discovered betrayal and the dreams beneath.

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