Temporary Gay Marriage In New York

Well if this doesn’t get challenged I will be very surprised.

According to New York gay marriage is constitutional. Well they reckon it’s ok in Massachusetts…I wonder how far south it’s going to get?

4 thoughts on “Temporary Gay Marriage In New York

  1. Look for this trend to end somewhere in Virgina anthing south of that line is where God takes over ruling over the people with a stick.
    Yes the decesion will get challenged, but the Mayor of NYC seems behind it, with an elcetion coming up it’s no wonder. I’ll try to do my best on this end of the pond.

  2. Believe it already did get challenged. A particular NYC borough has had all marriages past a certain date annulled as far as the rest of the country is concerned – I forget which one – as they were performing gay marriages.

    Now, this DOES mean we have an explanation of why the government was claiming that gay marriages restrict the civil liberties of heterosexuals. "Because we’re going to make sure they do," is, I suspect, not the answer anyone expected.

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