Well I didn’t break anything!

So I could write about how seriously INTENSE it is to board! About speeding down a mountain throwing my weight to the toe and the heel and feeling GOOD! I am too much of a skier though, a whole day and still couldn’t stop locking my knees! (DAMN DAMN DAMN) Which is largely why my knees are bruised into several nice shades of red purple and blue! My shoulders are killing me and I think I did appalling things to my tail bone. Gods am I stiff! But no bones broken and boy am I going again!

I could write about how nice it is to be in the company of lesbians. I’m not entirely sure how to communicate that one though. There is a shared experience, a certain amount of commonality (even
between Americans and Brits…although there are amusing differences as well!)

I could also write about how wierd it was to drink for almost the first time since I got to Japan. I felt
like drinking for once and yes I really drank. Cointreau! Hurrah! Haven’t seen it before in Japan.
There was beer and wine as well…all in all I got very drunk and voluble but oddly enough didn’t suffer
a hangover this morning! WOW!

It has to be said though that the enduring image for me will be that of four lesbians wandering with a
bottle of wine around Hakuba (and glasses – we were classy!) and, after having asked some poor Japanese man outside Lawsons for a translation of ‘dental dam’…’dentaru damu’, two of us climbing through knee deep (thigh deep in places) snow up a very steep slop to a shrine and asking for the blessing of the kami! Yes I invoked Hotei…I was pissed as fuck!

Oh and this
amused me!

Gods I have to go boarding again!

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