It’s amazing what google turns up

A random wander through the wired looking for pictures of cuckoos turned up a picture of my Dad which wierded me out so obviously I followed the link. It won’t be amusing to anyone who didn’t go to Royston Vasey but provided me with a couple of minutes worth of chuckles. It’s utterly chuckleworthy that they quoted the teacher who was, when I left school, infamous for cheating on his wife (with a PE teacher) as saying “It’s my duty as a man to spread my wild seed…” I mean did he really say that? I wonder if teachers sometimes think that because their classes aren’t listening to the lesson they won’t remember anything juicy that is said.

There are no clues as to what this page is part of, I suspect a project that never got off the ground but doing a mean impersonation of Holmes (pass my deerstalker hat and meerschaum pipe!) I can tell it was by someone in my sisters year from some of the quotes used, probably when they were in the fifth form, from the teachers pictures, and almost certainly one of her friends from the description of Dad! Well it amused me as I said and made me remember my favourite Technology teacher who I’d forgotten, absolutely the most sarcastic bastard on the planet; I thought he was wonderful!

As Blue Eyes was saying last night Royston Vasey wasn’t all bad…most of it was hell on earth but there were some good bits too.

10 thoughts on “It’s amazing what google turns up

  1. *laughs*

    I shall have to tell Dad he has a new stereotype, I don’t think I told him about the Fast Show references you kept making oh Yellow Dart! (Mostly he gets Rolf Harris or Colonel Sanders)

    And no I don’t believe that Lovejoy was a vampire. Seriously sleazy as I recall though, and flirted with all the sixthform girls according to reputation. I did enjoy his lessons though.

  2. My first thought was actually the old guy that the kids in The Lion The With And The Wardrobe stay with before they go to Narnia

  3. Oh wierd yeah there are puncture marks aren’t there…maybe the PE teacher was a vampire.

    Oh you mean Digory! (Can’t remember his surname) Cool I shall definately tell Dad.

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