Not A Great Week So Far

Todays party with the five year olds went ok… met an American who was so naive as to be unbelievable. I mean I have ideals and they do include not invading other countries or telling other people how to live their lives but I do think a line has to be drawn when it comes to civil rights and human rights abuses. He didn’t seem to think the line needed to be drawn, or else was so nervous about drawing it that I think he came across as just too wanting to live in his own little bubble.

I don’t know what I think anymore sometimes. I feel like I’m sitting in my own pleasant western world and not doing shit to prevent the horrors that are perpetrated around me.

My Japanese lesson went badly. This after I was told at school how well my predecessor could speak Japanese after he’d been in Japan for eight months. Yes I am officially crap at Japanese, which is depressing me and making it increasingly difficult to stay motivated and study it!

And to top it all off I arrived home to a parcel from the Jellicle which contained a letter informing me that the bailiffs were going to be sent to number 18. Oh the joys of post.

I’m going to bed. Tommorrow is another day and all that crap.

24 thoughts on “Not A Great Week So Far

  1. My Japanese lesson went badly. This after I was told at school how well my predecessor could speak Japanese after he’d been in Japan for eight months.

    Maybe this response is just a product of the day I just had, but if someone said something like that to me, I’d be tempted to bite back with "That was him. This is me. Different people. Get it?"

    Hang in there hon. It’s not like Japanese is the easiest language to learn.

  2. It’s a different language, with no direct connections to our own, based upon different principles and different cultural bases.

    It’s going to be more difficult, ultimately. Hang in there.

  3. Whilst this comment will be of no use to you at the moment…I will not be turned aside from wittering on! The best graphic depiction of the relative difficulties of language learning that I have seen is in the Justice Inc. roleplaying game. I kid you not! It’s from way back in 1984 and is subtitled the RPG of the 20s and 30s…and they were mad for historical context and stuff. Will have a rummage and send you a photocopy to pin on your wall or something!

    As I recall Japanese is probably as hard for you to learn as Tagalog!

  4. Hey, you have been putting in an amazing effort to learn Japanese. I’ve noticed the big difference now and think you are doing really well! The people in your office may be exaggerating. Things always seem to have taken less time when you look back at them.
    For some people languages like Japanese click. Let’s see, the first time I came to Japan I had 3 semesters of Japanese (all top marks) and I understood and spoke less than you.
    In addition, if you’ve already learned a foreign language previously, you’ll feel slower learning any subsequent languages because your brain has previously established stereotypical patterns from the first language you learned. Things won’t "click" like they are supposed to because they don’t follow patterns you think they should.
    I’m still cheering you on!!! You can always practice with me!
    Besides…you’re so good at French!

  5. Ah yes…but I am assuming that you don’t want to stop after mastering Japanese so would like you to be able to pick some good challenges for the future!


    (Glad to see people with more wisdom have actually said something useful though.)

  6. captains… *fizzz*…..*Boom!*…. log, stardate 518….*Fizzzzz*….Fizzzzz*….
    *Boom!*….7.6 We’ve been under fire from Bailiff forces for three days now. ….*Fizzz*….*Fizzzz*…. main phaser cannons have been depleated. Shields are out …*Choom!*…*Choom!*… *Badoom!*
    Photom torpedoes have all been spent….*Boom!*…Moral is low. Don’t know how much longer we can….. *Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk*

  7. Ah, well there’s your problem Jason…Space Bailiffs work for Servalan, and your naffing cheap Trek ship is no match for Sunburst Class Pursuit Ships of the Federation. Wot you need is the Liberator!

    See you in the quarry for the regular denouement!

  8. "Master, the quarry appears to be the centre of a fandom battle. Probability that the TARDIS will be enveloped by 70’s kitsch is approximately 90%."

    "Oh dear K9 – I’d best get my sonic screwdriver. There’ll be lava lamps to fix!"

  9. The liberator is enroute to assist us. Zen says….*fizzzzz*… they are fifty thousand spatials and closing. Blake …..*fizzz*….sent us some of his transporter bracelets so we….*boom*… can at least get to classes.

    ps. the quarry is being used. The doctor and the brigadiere are busy feeding genetically mutated mushrooms to a swarm of giant maggots.

  10. You wanna be careful of them transporter bracelets..Villa picked ’em up cheap at a car boot sale and Avon got Blake to hand them over to you to ‘test’ them.

    Hmmm…maybe you should try ’em out with Mr Crusher?

    PS. Dang double-booked quarry. Guess the Federation black leather squad and I will get the bus and see you at the old industrial estate!

    PPS. Bring some stain remover…that bloody K9 has piddled on the Supreme Commanders favourite white shag-pile shagging rug!

  11. Notes that her diary has been taken over by sci-fi fanboys.

    Employs the power of Multiplicity to attempt to deflect the evil Bailiff forces from number 18.

  12. Young Wesley Crusher was transfered over to my command a few weeks ago. My first action was to blow his balls off with a rocket launcher. He was killed sadly a week after that when I asked him to hold up a length of red cloth and stand near a computer screen…. ah well.

  13. Jason…I so much owe you a drink!

    Oh, by the way, there’s a rumour that this bulletin board is attached to someone’s diary…you wouldn’t have heard anything about that from Starfleet would you?

    The Supreme Commander keeps us all in the dark here…unless she wants us to polish her shiny boots until she can see her face in them!

  14. Hmm, apparently morals are low on the Enterprise. Makes a damn good change.

    The next Trek series: a group of pirates murdering and pillaging their way across the Federation.

    I wish…

  15. I take great offence that you imply my ship is the enterprise, sir. I would never set foot on such a poorly designed hunk of crap. Oops, someone sneezed on deck seven – there goes the warp core.

    As for you suggestion, that would be great. A series set amongst pirates, or the marquis, or from a romulan perspective or some other race or group who’s military motto is ‘love is all you need.’

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