Over Reaction?

So maybe I over-reacted yesterday about the Peter Pan thing. I do get obsessive over kids books. Read in this mornings Yomiuri that it’s going to be more along the lines of an adventure that happened whilst the first lot were in Never Never Land. I honestly don’t know if I think this makes things better or worse…I think on the whole it might make things worse, that is very definately Barries world she’ll be fiddling with. On the other hand the slight notions of horror and despair hinted at at the end of Peter and Wendy remain notions and insinuations which is, I think, better in the long run.

It probably makes things harder for the writer, I do wonder though what new elements she’ll bring to the story, where she’ll take them in Never Never Land…all sorts of things really. On the whole I guess I’m excited about reading it today!

Noticed that California’s ban on same sex marriage has been judged unconstitutional! Good for them…but I have the feeling in California it’ll swing back and forth a bit more till it’s sorted.

5 thoughts on “Over Reaction?

  1. It’ll be a while, I think, but eventually, California will set a legal precedent that can be used in other states across the US.

    It’s not going to be pretty. A lot of states are popularly opposed to gay marriage, so there’ll be a lot of pissed off people if pressure groups force it into law via legal, rather than political, channels.

  2. Considering one of the women in the pictures was wearing a T-shirt with the slogan ‘God Hates Fags’ I am horrified to contemplate just how not pretty it’s going to get over there.

  3. one day humanity will realise that it alone amongst all of the Gods creatures has the capacity for unconditional love, forgivness and pure creation. One day we will give up on this my country/colour/nationality/relgion is better than yours and come together as one – and on that day, when men, women, blacks, whites, gays, straights, witches, christians, jews, talls, shorts, fats, thins, beautifuls and ugly will realise what they can do if they stop acting like wankers and just got on with life. Ahhh, it’ll be beautiful.

  4. Hi Jason

    I’m not a big supporter of us all coming together as some sort of giant shoggoth of oneness…but I do think we can manage toleration of diversity! It is harder to achieve than simply becoming aware of all the things that connect us, but it has greater virtue in my opinion.

    Not sure if it will ever happen in my lifetime…or yours…so the question is how do we choose to work toward it…assuming we *want* to work toward it!

    Have you ever read Gene Wolfe’s Book of the New Sun? A rich and complex piece of science fiction that is also an interesting meditation on how two very different cultures choose to minimise dissent through moving towards understanding.

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