Productive Day

Well either my classes were cancelled or I just didn’t turn up to them… you see I thought it was Thursday for some reason this morning and now my elementary classes have finished until next term I have no classes on Thursdays…but as far as I knew I did have third year classes on Wednesdays.

Not that this troubled me today, nope today I made a board game for the first years to use on Friday, completed my visual aids up until the end of March and attempted to drill some vocabulary into my head (nothing stuck). Then the Girl Next Door told me that I had to be in at 7:40 on Thursday and my head went ‘It’s Wednesday today…oh dear, didn’t I have classes today?’

The third years are all going round totally mopey since it’s coming to the end of their school year, they have graduation ceremony tommorrow. I got asked to sign some books, unlike Skimble my school is too big for me to know all of their names but they all seemed to think I knew them because I wrote different things in all their books (now if all one hundred and sixty had asked me to sign their books no way would I have been able to do that) I didn’t have the heart (or the Japanese) to explain that no, after being asked to write in peoples books for about seven years you get practiced when someone you don’t know asks you to write…I have all these beautiful little phrases and quotes just like everyone else whos gone through a secondary school, sixth form, university etc. with yearbooks or equivalent! They’ll have that one figured out by the time they live uni I guess.

Yick twenty to eight tommorrow in school, I definately need my sleep!

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