Weekend Away

OK this week wasn’t as bad as it could have been and it could have been so much worse! But I did feel like I deserved the weekend at the spa with my Karaoke Queens!

Except it didn’t really start so well because we were driving along the Chuo Expressway when Bubbles phone went off. Her husband (suffers from severe depression) had been taken into hospital, so the car turned around and delivered her to the hospial where she became adamant that I and Squeak go and enjoy ourselves.

So we did.

The onsen itself was kind of like a cross between The Forbidden Corner and Ragdale Hall. There were adventure water tunnels, a pool heated by magma, lavendar herb baths, saunas, body showers of salt water jets…the works! I was in heaven.

As for my Japanese, well I don’t know but given that Squeak reckons her daughter was Korean in a past life my Korean has improved – I can say hello! (Anyo hasayo!)

Mmmm buffet dinner was great, lots of fish and chinese and steak and cake and oooooh it was goooooooood! School tommorrow.

2 thoughts on “Weekend Away

  1. Mmmmmm…. I feel more relaxed just reading your post. :green with envy:

    Glad you enjoyed your weekend; well-deserved!

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