I Should Check My Bank Account More Often!

Finally the mystery of the car in my space has been solved! See I only pay part of the rent on my apartment, my employers pay two thirds of it. They do this by putting into my account an amount of money about two days before rent is taken out by the landlord. Silly me to assume that it would always be the same amount!

See a car has started parking in my spot. I was a little distressed by this, so I complained to the BOE, they said they’d sort it out. Before I complained I checked that my landlord was still removing the same amount from my account, he was. Silly silly me not to check what the BOE was putting in! Naturally the BOE didn’t tell me that the space was no longer mine, they said to come back later…

Two weeks later I came back after getting a brain flash this morning and showing my brightest smile to O-Holly-san at the bank. Turns out the BOE for the past two monthes has been putting 3000 yen less into my account…I’m still paying the same amount of rent of course but the 3000 yen for my car parking space is gone.

Why you may ask is this an issue? Obviously I still can’t drive and so have no car. Why would I want to keep paying for a car parking space I can’t possibly be using? This was what the BOE decided the other month (without consulting me no less!) and so rang my landlord to ‘helpfully’ cancel it for me. Course as it turns out it apparently makes no difference to my rent whether they cancel it or not. And, had they told me today that they had decided they weren’t going to pay for the space when I don’t own a car then I would cheerfully have offered to actually pay more rent, 3000 yen more! Bizarrely enough this never came up.

See I do rather use that space, for Skimble and Nesuphyn and the random assortment of others who occaisionally visit and it is nice to say that people will actually be able to park! I think that what swung it for the BOE is my saying that my parents are visiting in August and will be renting a car…I admit to not actually knowing that yet, but what they don’t know won’t hurt them any!

So my space returns to me in May apparently. They’ve told me to come back later to sign the contract!

2 thoughts on “I Should Check My Bank Account More Often!

  1. I wish they would tell us when they decide to do things….how annoying. Gods that just makes me mad! GRRRRR!!!!! Although I wonder why that car NEVER moved….weird. Well at least the mystery is solved.

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