Next Exhibition

Well my next exhibition, NowHere opens the day after I get back from the UK, so in order to be ready I basically have three weeks to finalise my exhibits….ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why do I put such pressure on myself added to this is the fact that I don’t know my timetable, I haven’t got a clue what I’m teaching at the Middle School (yes I am now a teacher of International Studies…uh what?) and the fact that I am in the middle of my worst period to date and I am going INSANE!

Also I have to be up at school for quarter to eight tommorrow, and Thursday because we have not one but two opening ceremonies…I am…I’m going mad.

TMI warning for next paragraph!

Didn’t go to school today as walking from my bed to the shower exhausted me, I suspect this was due to sheer amount of blood lost on Sunday and Monday, since when is it normal for me to have to change the huge tampons hourly? At least this explains the fucking bizarre dreams I’ve been having, my hormones must be all over the place.

Still bleeding copiously and feeling tearful all over the place; what is with this?!!! Fuck this being female malarkey.

3 thoughts on “Next Exhibition

  1. Harry Potter waves her magic wand (yes, the secret ending to the books is that Harry comes out as a transexual), and lo and behold! Chocolate and hot water bottles appear all across Japan.

    Did you know you only get 400/500 of them ever? Only 12 a year. It’s not that bad, when you think about it. Please don’t hit me.

    *hug* 🙂

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