Home Again Home Again Trittety Trot

I have reached several conclusions over the past few days:

The Jellicle Cat=Home.

I have no actual concept of money in any country whether I’m using lira, yen, pounds or whatever, it actually means nothing to me.

I am physically incapable of saying no.

The people who affect you into forming your thoughts and beliefs never seem to agree with you on your conclusions (rough bow towards my Favourite Uncle, the Yellow Dart and Giggles at this point).

My sister’s twenty-first was very cool. Bouncy castle’s are definately the way forward. Da Bitches were out in force,though somewhat more constrained than they were at her 18th. Da Bitches bible was once again produced and read (QUIETLY as there were children present!) from, once again I mused that as far as their song goes the first and final verse seem to contradict each other (‘da bitches they don’t suck no cock’, ‘da bitches eat their sausage meat’) but of course these are my sister’s friends and the Princess herself managed to explain not only that she had a shlong but that a girl’s shlong was entirely separate entity from the shlong which silly boys think that they own… I had forgotten a great deal of Da Bitches views on men. Actually Sporty seems to have become a lesbian possibly unsurprisingly. Straight didn’t make it, something to do with exams at uni.

There were some uncomfortable parralells with her 18th, I mean more uncomfortable than occaisional impartings of Da Bitches Bible can make me. The whole family turned up, most with boyfriends and girlfriends/wives and husbands in tow. But we were very obviously missing a couple that were there three years ago. Grandma sat on her own in the house for much of the party, no Grandma Liddle and Uncle Arthur to keep her company, I missed them.

Then I hit lancs…and gave a talk to Pagan Soc, which PHEW! seems to have been enjoyed though they were all quiet and didn’t ask many questions. Last night I appeared in a play that Writers Guild put on, met up with my ex-warder, went shopping with FFG, acquired new glasses and helped do the lighting for the Guild.

Has to be said I enjoyed the plays, I watched from the side-lines and am really quite proud of where the guild has gone, despite that it’s nothing to do with me anymore. Not too sure about BBM and the Naiad intoducing/compereing the evening it felt a little bit luvvie for me…maybe I’m not used to being that side of the lights anymore. I did have something akin to a techie panic-attack at the end and I just wanted to leave and never more be seen in ‘actress mode’, truth be told my part is not large and perfectly acceptable for a techie to do. Also weirded out offstage at the end, got hugged by Wrong Mike who for whatever reason I had thought didn’t like me that much, apparently he does. Strange how things go isn’t it?

Today I spend with my Gentleman Friend, who is of course, for those still wondering and who weren’t present at Pagan Soc, my Favourite Uncle…very possibly nicknames should change because this is sounding deliciously perverse already! (If you require explanation of my relationship click on more!)

If anyone does want to see me…FoxyJonno and Princess Lex we will get together we will! Then FFG, the Torch and I will be heading to see the Hitchhiker film on Thursday at half past eight.

I go out with the Jellicle.
The Jellicle is waiting for the Raccoon to get out of the army before they can get together.
I go out with Mr. Jez.

The people involved in these relationships get to sleep with other people after due consideration of the particular other people involved in the relationship (ie. the Jellicle says ‘noooo don’t sleep with her!’ I don’t sleep with her) and their own moral codes.

See. Easy!

5 thoughts on “Home Again Home Again Trittety Trot

  1. Soooo jealous! You get two men and I have a sugar glider with separation anxiety….(sigh).
    On the upside, I found a place to get my horse trained in dressage!
    Have fun! Miss ya loads! Yeah, Skimble is very very bored.
    Damn Kocho-sensei!

  2. Y’know, it works better with beer bottles 😉

    And yes, you, I and Fatima need to get together – not sure when she’s down here though. Towards the end of the week I think 🙂

    There will be imping.

  3. Meant to tell you earlier hon, but Mark’s about this week as well. He’s arriving some time tomorrow. Not sure what time yet. Will let you know in the morning…

  4. There were few questions about your talk because you managed, as few rarely do, to answer all the possible questions before we had a chance to ask them.

    All this teaching is doing your public speaking the world of good!

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